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Penwortham Bypass update - August 2018

Aug 03, 2018

The main excavation for Phase One of the bypass has now been completed, and we've laid the first stone layer for the foundation of the road.

The new school playing fields have been levelled and the drainage is currently being installed. The sports pitches will be completed to Sports England specification.

Most of the ecology ponds for Phase One and drainage attenuation pond have now been constructed. Work on the new drainage for the road itself will continue throughout the rest of this year and into 2019.

Over the next two months, we will continue to construct the bunds on either side of the road. These will help to screen the road from the surrounding environment.

The widening of the A582 Penwortham Way approach to the roundabout is continuing well. We currently have vehicles running along a temporary road surface.

The new splitter island on this approach is almost finished. We are currently laying soil on the landscaped areas and surfacing the footways.

We have now landscaped the central island of the roundabout with trees, shrubs and flowers. This will be an appealing visual feature once the roundabout has been completed.

We aim to complete the civil engineering work to the roundabout in the summer and in September and October we will be completing the surfacing and applying the road markings. The roundabout will be complete following the installation and commissioning of the new traffic signals.

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